As I reflect on the past two and a half years, I feel mixed emotions. I am relieved that I finally finished the program. It hasn’t been easy – I endured bouts of illness, worked two jobs, moved twice – it’s hard to believe I managed at all. But there is one quality I am proud of is my determination. It drove and sustained me through long nights and complicated schedules.

Before I enrolled in the MLIS program, I researched a multitude of library schools and chose San Jose State University because it offered asynchronous classes but also because I felt a good vibe from the very beginning. I realize it’s not quite a scientific approach but I am a big believer of intuition. And I was right. I had enjoyed my time at the iSchool and I got to know incredible people. The iSchool offered amazing support through the Student and Career Services. I had the privilege to work for the iSchool for two years and it was a great opportunity to work online.

The program’s greatest asset are the professors and I have to say that I loved all the instructors I had, as well as those I got to know through my work with the school. They have taught me not only course materials but also gave valuable advice on professional practice. All the classes I took have enriched my knowledge of library and information science. They have given me credentials that employers are looking for.

The program has given me confidence and a profound sense of achievement. I know that I have the skills to be a competent professional and the ability to further my education when the time is right. There was a point when I thought that my life was at a standstill but going into this program has given me new impetus to pursue higher goals, perhaps another degree. Being a graduate student has awakened my fervor for learning and I plan to continue studying to keep up with current issues and emerging trends related to librarianship. As an ASIS&T New Leader, I intend to participate in the organization’s activities for the betterment of the profession as I work with the Knowledge Management Special Interest Group.

I am somewhat melancholy about leaving the program. But I know that the time I spent in it has nurtured my professional skills and I can assuredly enter the workplace knowing that I have the necessary competencies and the ability to learn new skills my work might require. Wherever life may take me, I will always be a proud representative of the iSchool and remember it fondly.